The Benefits of Daydreaming

A new study indicates that daydreamers are better at remembering information in the face of distraction.

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Conversation on Daydreaming

Jerome L. Singer is the father of daydreaming. His seminal research over the past 50+ years with his colleagues (including John Antrobus and Eric Klinger) has laid the foundations for virtually all current investigations of the costs and benefits of daydreaming and mind wandering (see “The Origins of Positive-Constructive Daydreaming” and “Ode to Positive Constructive Daydreaming“).

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What’s Your Attitude Toward Daydreaming?

Despite the fact that we all daydream, most of us don’t discuss it. We’re more likely to talk about our sex lives (or crimes!) than reveal a daydream. Moreover, many of us have been taught that daydreaming is somehow “bad.” Yet daydreams are far more than wishful thinking—they are our source of ideas, energy, creativity, self-knowledge, and motivation.

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